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Campus History

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Construction began on the newest Pasadena ISD elementary school in 1953.  It was designed to have 26 rooms and valued at $530,000.  

Red Bluff Elementary opened its doors in September of 1954 with T. F. Crocker as its first principal.  However, due to delays, students attended school half days at Gardens Elementary.  Construction was finished and the campus opened in December 1954.  

The school was built in response to the area’s growing population. After WWII, many families, including veterans, came to Pasadena to live and work. By the 1950s, so many families had moved into the district that the school district was faced with issues of overcrowding. One of the most crowded areas was in the new Red Bluff Terrace neighborhood. As the community expanded, nearby schools became overwhelmed and it was necessary to bus students to other schools.

After the completion of Red Bluff, the building was often the scene of in-service and professional meetings for the school district. The school was the first of three buildings that were built with the same architectural plans. In 1957, Red Bluff had an influx of students and several portable buildings were constructed to accommodate the increase in population. It was not until Pomeroy Elementary School opened in the fall of 1958 that Red Bluff was truly relieved of the overcrowding issue. In 1961, Crocker left the Pasadena ISD and W. B. Smith, having previously worked at Gardens Elementary, became the new principal. In 1963 Smith moved to San Jacinto Intermediate School, and Jack McCarroll moved from Jessup Elementary to become the principal of Red Bluff. 

The school expanded again in 1992 with the addition of a new wing which included a new library and a six-room kindergarten pod.  With enrollment still climbing, another expansion was needed in 2001.  At that time, another wing was built with 12 classrooms for the 4th and 5th graders.  In addition, there was an office remodel and alterations made in various other portions of the campus.  Later, 3 more portable classrooms were added on the end of the new wing. 

With enrollment in the district still on the rise, it became necessary for our 5th graders to transfer to another campus.  They began attending school at Keller Intermediate when it opened in the old San Jacinto Intermediate Campus in 2008. In the fall of 2020, after many decades at the old building, Red Bluff Elementary opened the doors to its new campus right next door to its old building. The school currently serves around 500 students in prekindergarten through fourth grade. 

Red Bluff Elementary School

New Building:
The project, which costs $24 million, is part of the district’s 2017 $135 million bond package.  The school, which has an enrollment of 502, will get additional capacity to serve between 650-700 students. Planning for the new building began in 2018.  In the spring of 2019, the gym, first-grade, and fourth-grade wings were moved out to temporary portables for the demolition of those wings.  Construction on the new building began in the summer of 2019.  During the 19-20 school year, we experienced a sudden spread of the Corona Covid Virus creating a worldwide pandemic.  In March of 2020, we began virtual learning only to keep us safe.  Only essential businesses' remained open.  The next school year 20-21 we returned to school with the option for virtual learning or face-to-face learning.  Students began the school year at the old campus and moved into the new building on September 10th, 2020.  Due to the pandemic, we had to follow strict health protocols.  We wore masks, stayed 3-6 feet apart, carried water bottles, sanitized everything often, no field trips, and no parent events. The demolition of the old building continued and the building of the expanded parking lot began.  The project was completed in May 2021.   The 21-22 school year had all students return to the building since Covid numbers had improved. We didn't need to do virtual learning anymore.   We also saw the return of parent events, and field trips, and less spacing apart was needed. 


  • 1954 - Mr. T.F. Crocker 
  • 1961 - Mr. W.B. Smith
  • 1963 - Mr. Jack McCarroll
  • 1983 - Mrs. Carole Martin
  • 2002 - Ms. Kathleen McElman
  • 2010 - Mrs. Tammie Hinton