Istation Reading

This program has to be installed on your Computer, IPAD, Android, or Chromebook.
(does not work on IPHONE)

  1. New Student: If the student has been enrolled less than 48 hours, please wait one more day to make sure the account is fully provisioned (complete).
  2. Istation is not installed or the domain isn’t correct. (Click here for video instructions for the steps below)
  1. Close the web browser.
  2. Make sure the Istation application is installed. (see installation instructions below)
  3. Not sure if it is there? Look for the Istation icon on the desktop (see image below)

    Istation Logo

  4. Once installed and the correct school domain is added, go back to the ClassLink portal and click the Istation tile.

The application should open successfully and you maybe be prompted to “Open Imagination Station”.

Contact your teacher or school if you need to know the school domain for your child’s Istation.

Install instructions (if needed):

Istation is your student's interactive online reading and writing application.

Students will access Istation via the ClassLink Portal. **
**You will need to install the Istation Application on the device before it will work successfully.

Istation Logo