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 The Four Way Test

Of the things we think, say and do:

FIRST, is it the truth?

SECOND, is it fair to all concerned?

THIRD, will it build goodwill and better friendships?

FOURTH, will it be beneficial to all concerned?


Pasadena Rotary President

Paul Covell

EAFK Knight

Sir William McCoy

Assistant Principal

 Ryan Pavone


 Tammie Hinton


Pasadena Rotary Website:

Knighting Ceremonies begin at:

K-1st Grade Ceremony at 8:30 a.m.

2nd - 4th Grade Ceremony at 9:20 a.m.

The EAFK daily curriculum is based upon Rotary's Four-Way Test which is recited by all students each and every day of school.

This elaborate school-wide knighting ceremony will acknowledge teacher-selected students who have best exemplified the EAFK value taught over the previous grading period.

Led by EAFK knights in armor, the parents of student awardees are secretly invited, and their students are called to the stage to receive beautiful medallions and the rankings of Page, Squire, or Knight in the presence of their peers, parents, and families.

All Rotarians are invited, but please check in at the school's front office for a name badge.

Tammie Hinton is the school principal, and the school's phone number is (713)740-0704.

To learn more about the EarlyAct FirstKnight Character Education Program, please go to www.eafk.org, or contact Tommie Buscemi at



 Early Act First Knight Schedules for Monthly Virtues & Ceremonies    




 Sept. 3 - Oct. 4


Oct 11 

Oct. 7 - Nov 8 


Nov 15 

 Nov 11 - Dec 20


 Jan 10

 Jan. 7 - Feb 14


Feb 21 

 Feb 17 - Mar 21


Mar 28 

 Mar 34 - Apr 25


May 2 

 Apr 28 - May 21


 May 29

             Tournament of Champions

  Shining armor competed against silver badges on Friday as brave knights, fair ladies -- and a pair of "Texas Rangers" -- teamed up for a medievel exhibition at two Pasadena ISD elementary schools.
  Early Act First Knight, a curriculum-based, character-development service group sponsored by Rotary International, presented a living history demonstration of jousting, riding and broad sword skills at Red Bluff Elementary and, later in the day, at Morales, where the service group performed last spring.
  Dr. Randall Park, founder of Early Act First Knight, introduced a revised lineup of riders that included two "Texas Rangers" -- Ranger Hannah and Ranger James -- to match skills with the medievel cast, led by Sir Cass and Lady Amber. The theme for the show was "Historic Horseback Heroes."
  Dressed in western garb and riding a horse, Dr. Park spoke to students about the importance of correct behavior, using the analogy of chivalry displayed by the knights of old.
  He stressed, however, that chivalry wasn't confined to the time of King Arthur. The Early Act First Knight presentation now incorporates a western theme to show that gallantry has never been confined to one period of history -- and is alive and well today.             

Article and Photo by:  Pasadena ISD "Campus Chronicles"