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          Early Act First Knight

The EAFK daily curriculum is based upon Rotary's Four-Way Test which is recited by all students each and every day of school.

This elaborate school-wide knighting ceremony will acknowledge teacher-selected students who have best exemplified the EAFK value taught over the previous grading period.

Led by EAFK knights in armor, the parents of student awardees are secretly invited, and their students are called to the stage to receive beautiful medallions and the rankings of Page, Squire, or Knight in the presence of their peers, parents, and families.

All Rotarians are invited, but please check in at the school's front office for a name badge.

Tammie Hinton is the school principal, and the school's phone number is (713)740-0704.

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Pasadena Rotary President
Paul Covell
President of Pasadena Rotary Paul Covell

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