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 Faculty for 2022-23

Phone 713-740-0704

Mrs. Tammie Hinton-Principal
     Email:  [email protected]

Mr. Ricardo Marquez- Assistant Principal/GT  Coordinator
     Email:  [email protected]

Peer Facilitators:
Maria Gonzalez 
[email protected]

Haley Emery [email protected] 

Melisa Nichols 
[email protected]


Marisa Rhaman [email protected]
Appraisal Clerk:
Maria Perez 
[email protected]
Naiyla Sunesara 
[email protected]
Administrative Professionals

Bonnie Pitts (Clerical) [email protected] 
Rosa Reyes (Master Clerk) [email protected]
Margarita Valdez (Secretary) [email protected]
Ofilia Garza  (Attendance Clerk) [email protected] 
Jessica Rash (Nurse) [email protected]


Stephanie Kramer [email protected]
Aide: Mirna Smith [email protected] 

Zuleima Araujo [email protected]
Aide: Maria Rodriguez [email protected] 

Larry Nance  [email protected] 
Aide: Ivette Reyna [email protected]

Denise Goldman Haber [email protected]
Aide: Stephanie Barron [email protected]

Adrianna Aguilera [email protected]
Cynthia Freytag [email protected]
Beatriz Torres [email protected]
Lisset Ibarra [email protected]
Monica Vega [email protected]
 First Grade
Angelica Diaz [email protected]
Maria Gutierrez [email protected]
Rafael Acuna [email protected]
Venice Boatwright [email protected]
Elvia Samaniego [email protected]
 Second Grade

Mary Nance [email protected]
Kristina Zsigray [email protected]
Alberto Zerpa [email protected]
Juana Sanchez  [email protected] 
Amy Estes [email protected]
Third Grade
Saul Hernandez [email protected]
Breanna Ovalle [email protected]
Thomeshia Arzu [email protected]       
Diana Robles [email protected]     
 Fourth Grade
America Barrera [email protected]
Criscelda Flores [email protected]
Kortnie Rieck [email protected]
Tiffany Lee [email protected]
Rebecca Reyna [email protected]
 Support Teachers and Staff

Richelle Meacham (Dyslexia) [email protected]
Ashley Miller (Resource) [email protected]
Merander Ellick (Resource) [email protected]
Aide: Debora Lucio [email protected]

Erica Martinez [email protected]
Jeanette Mendoza [email protected]
Selena Delafuente [email protected]

Carma Llamas [email protected]
Christina Ortiz [email protected]

Image of Custodians
Maria Avila [email protected]


Idera Patrick Music [email protected]
             Pam Straker PE [email protected]
Savannah Vawter [email protected] 
Yessica Martinez PE Aide [email protected]
Elizabeth Avendano CIS [email protected]
                     Kimberly Campbell Technology [email protected]

Sharlene Tyler [email protected]
Laura Valenciano [email protected]           
Rosa Reyes [email protected]
Maria Gonzalez [email protected]            
Arlet Trevino [email protected]

 Parent Coordinator
Mariel Emiliano
[email protected]
 Community in Schools 
Director:  Elizabeth Avendano  [email protected] 

ACE After School

Site Coordinador: Perla Martinez
[email protected]
Activity Coordinator: Victoria Perez, Kimberly Castillo, Kassandra Barrera