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How Do You Get Home Map 2018-19.pdf

Image of Map Showing the 5 Ways for How Do You Go Home  

#1 Bus, Daycare, and Special Need Students: Students will be loaded by staff.  Special needs students’ dismissal name cards need to be displayed in car window. 

#4 Car Rider Circle: Dismissal name cards are displayed in car window-Students will be called to exit the building and meet parent at a colored cone.  (Name cards can be picked up at Meet Teacher Night/1st Day of School)

Walking Lines (Bicycle Riders)

 #2 Red Bluff/Camille Street Walkers   #3 Thomas Street Walkers    #5 Norman Street Walkers

  • Students can walk alone or meet up with siblings to walk together. Tell the teachers - walks alone or walks with siblings. Provide teachers with names of students walking together. 

  • Students will be escorted by staff along the sidewalk to the crossing guards at 3:05 P.M.  

  • Walkers mean just that “THEY ARE WALKERS”.  If parents are meeting children to walk with them, they must be there on time to meet them. STAFF WILL NOT WAIT or HOLD WALKERS TO MEET WITH PARENTS REGARDLESS OF AGE. 

  • Parents will need to park on the side streets and wait across the street.  Parents will not be parking in the parking lot for walkers. 

School Safety
A Video Message from Superintendent DeeAnn Powell:​

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