Physical Education
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Physical Education Department   - Updating for the 2017-18 School Year 

Image of 3rd Grade Punt, Pass, Kick Winners of 2017
Image of 4th Grade Punt Pass Kick Winners 2017

Bronze Medal For Healthiest School

 Jog Club  
7:10 - 7:40 AM

  Monday - 3rd Grade
Wednesday - 4th Grade 
              Feb. 12th
 9 Weeks  

Physical   education

This month we are focusing on drumFIT, jump rope and Big Shoot Out practice. Our kids work hard and get sweaty while they move in the gym! 3rd and 4th grade- don’t forget about jogging in the morning!


This 9 weeks we are focused on :

PROTEIN is the building blocks of the body to build HEALTHY BONES, MUSCLES, CARTILAGE, SKIN and BLOOD.

We can obtain protein from the MEAT we eat.

L LEAN meat such as ground TURKEY is best because it has LESS FAT.

Communities across the state are committed to healthy living. 
Fuel Up
Fuel Up to Play 60

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