Gifted and Talented Program

Gifted and Talented
Program Information 2016-17


  GT Spring Project

All GT students are required to complete this project.


First Grade: Animal Nation Project

Students will study different animals to learn about their basic needs and ecosystems in which they live. Students will choose an animal to observe, describe, and research, determining its basic needs and how they are met. Students will then discuss different outcomes for their animals if their needs are not met. Their learning will culminate in an animal report in which they will predict their animals’ future if their needs are not met and present their predictions to the class.

Second Grade: Biography

In this interdisciplinary/language arts unit, students explore and gain knowledge of famous people and how they used their gifts and talents to overcome challenges and become successful. Students will first read and compare/contrast biographies of several people. In their research, they will choose a figure to study and create a timeline of that person’s life.

Third Grade: Utopian Destinations

Fourth Grade: Enigmas

Students will investigate a naturally occurring enigma, an unsolved mystery. Each student will have an opportunity to explore in depth an enigma and hypothesize possible solutions. In their explorations, students will use scientific research processes. Students create a game, scientific experiment, or design a learning center for school age children to explore and learn about their enigma. 



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